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Car Boot Sales and Markets can be an enjoyable way of spending days as a buyer or a casual seller.

Or they can bethe first step in building a successful and profitable marketing business. Many prospective entrepreneurs

have business plans but no money to develop them. Car boot sales and markets are ways to build up funds.

This  ebook is a guide to running a successful car boot or market business. There is an added benefit.

All purchasers of this book can contact author@percydale.com if they have any questions or require any help.

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The Government claims that the economy is improving but business failures and high unemployment make harder than ever to find a new job.

Job-seekers need to use every trick in the book to improve their prospects. A really good professional CV is vital.

Most people spend far too little time preparing their own CVs or just don’t know what should be included and how to put over the necessary information. Selling yourself – which is what compiling a CV is – is never easy. A professional CV writer can make sure nothing is left out – or that too much unnecessary information is included.

This is where this business opportunity comes in. Set up your own CV writing business, compiling and supplying professional quality CVs to job hunters. You can operate this business as a part-time sideline or a full time business. You can run it from home in your spare time and you don’t need very much start-up cash. Choose a professional- sounding business name to trade under rather than using your own name.

As a CV is basically a clear, concise statement of an individual’s personal details, educational history and work experience to date. If you’re well organised, methodical, and have decent writing skills CV writing could be the perfect business opportunity for you… especially as there’s more demand for this service ever.

You don’t need to be a writer to write CVs. Most CVs can be compiled from cut and paste templates. But you must always present a professional image. Customers want to know that you can create a better CV for them than they can do themselves.

But there are some rules you must observe.

Make sure you use good quality paper and
Use good quality, white paper of A4 size only. 120gsm bond is best.
A good quality printer is essential, preferably a laser but modern inkjet printers are just as good. Don’t rely on one you’ve had for years!
Use black print. Never use colour.
Use clear, simple typefaces such as Times or Arial. A font size of 10 or 12 is usually best. Don’t vary the fonts.
Use underlining, italics, capital letters and bold print sparingly.

What should a CV cover? CVs typically provide the following information:

• Name.
• Address.
• Date of birth and age, but note that it is no longer essential to include a date of birth but definitely don’t include any ethnic or religious information.
• Phone contacts.
• Schools attended, with dates, and qualifications obtained.
• Employment history, with dates, details of employers worked for and positions held. Short explainable periods of unemployment, etc. are not necessarily a negative thing.
• Any other qualifications, especially if they are relevant to the job.
• Hobbies and interests, especially if they are relevant to the job.
• Personal references (optional unless requested). It is not essential to include references unless the employer requests them. However, they can be useful for adding weight to a lightweight CV. Permission should be sought from referees before including them.

Tailor each CV to each customer.

Present information in clearly marked sections. There is no requirement to include negative information.

Normally you should present information in reverse chronological order, ie. the most recent information first. If the oldest events are more relevant or impressive you could opt for chronological order. Focus on the recent past. Present greater depth within the last 5 years.

Avoid filler. A one page CV, well written, is acceptable if that is all the information you have.

Use a lot of action/words wherever possible.

Avoid using abbreviations or trade and this particularly applies to qualifications. Spell them out in full.

Double-check all information to make sure it is clear and not misleading.

For copies of templates you can use email me at cv@percydale.com .

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1. Choose something that really fires your interest. Whatever you choose should not just be a way of making money. You need to really love what you’re doing. This passion will carry you through the lows that any business will suffer at some time or other.

2. Find a new twist on an already successful idea. Look for some product, service or system that you enjoy and see if you can adapt or improve on it to create your own product.

3. Whatever you create must be something a lot of people will want to buy.   Even if you product is good you won’t be successful if it only appeals to a small, niche market.

4. Your start-up and running costs must be low. A small new business that has high running costs is pretty well a disaster waiting to happen. Small business, small start-up investment, small running costs. Economise as much as possible without cutting quality.

5. Keep your accounting and economics simple. Nothing difficult. Just a simple formula.

Profit = selling price minus buying price minus costs.

6. Really work on marketing. You need to be smart and professional. Customers won’t search for you if they don’t know you’re there and that your product is the best on the market. Study how other successful entrepreneurs do it. What brought to your attention the suppliers of things you have purchased in the past? How easy was it to find them?

Now think about it. What is your passion? What is missing that you think would make it more enjoyable?

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What do you really want out of life? Write down the answer but really think about it before you do. Why? Because your answer could affect the rest of your life.

If you aren’t working, either as an employee or self-employed, in a business that really excites you, that give you a sense of fulfilment and that you really enjoy you’re in the wrong job.

Like most of us you probably spend most of your time at work. If you’re employed you are lining someone else’s pockets. That is not the same as being self-employed and lining your own doing something you really enjoy.

So get going now. Decide what you really want out of life. Think about what you really enjoy doing. Put the two together and tomorrow morning start the first day of the rest of your life choosing the path to follow.

Don’t underestimate your talents. Everyone has some skills, qualities, ideas, experience or time that a lot of other people will be eager to pay for – when they know what it is and when and how they can find it. The trouble is that many of us don’t realise that we have anything worthwhile.

Once you’ve decided on that path and planned your first step – get going immediately. Don’t fall into the trap of putting it off – until the weekend – after you’ve sorted out the garden – when the weather’s better – when the weather’s worse – when the family is older – after I’ve…. Etc.

The usual excuses are: I left school with no qualifications. I didn’t go to university or college. I’m not academic – I was no good at school. I’ve no skills to market. I’ve no time to do anything new.

In the end you don’t do anything at all.

The hardest part of learning to ride a bike is pushing the pedal and taking your foot off the ground for the first time. You might wobble a bit and have to correct your balance but you’re moving and you will be more successful with practice.

You can make your own list of reasons why you can’t start your own business.

Now make a list of reasons why you can.

Read the following article by entrepreneur Michael Masterson and apply it to whatever you choose to do.

“If you want to be a writer, you have to write.”

Nobody can stop you from becoming what you want to be and you don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval or acknowledgement. You just make a decision to become and then you become.

“If you want to be a writer, you have to write.”

So many people live their lives failing to become what they want. They do so because the “can’t find the time” or the opportunity to get started.

How many times have you heard someone talk about how one day they will do what they always wanted to do – to practice medicine or to play guitar or to travel the world or paint pictures or write a book? And when you hear people you like expressing sentiments like those what do you feel? Happy because you are confident that one day they will accomplish their long-held goal? Or sort of sad for them because you are pretty sure they never will?

If you really want to do something, don’t worry about qualifications, credentials and certifications, just do it.

To enjoy that best part, you don’t need to be working at a certain level nor do you need to have taken so many hours of classes or received any diplomas, certificates or degrees. All you need to do is to do the thing you want to do. Just do it!

Here’s a bonus thought: the best way to become something special is also the fastest and the easiest: just start doing it. Don’t wait for the proper time. Don’t wait till you’ve finished your education. Don’t insist on getting all your qualifications first. Just start doing it.

That really is excellent advice. Follow it. Send comments to gold@percydale.com .

Short Business Ebooks available to download from Amazon from our ‘Learn to Earn’ page.   The series of Ebooks designed to  ‘Show Me Financial Freedom – The Key to Success.’

‘Easy Ways to Make Money from Car Boot Sales and Markets’ by Lesley Cooper and  ‘Twelve Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Camera’ by Lesley Cooper are  the first short Ebooks which you can buy from Amazon.



Being in debt has become an accepted way of life whether it is private or public. Both need to be dealt with if you are to be really financially free.

Put it this way. How would you react if you were told that a large percentage of your income, whether it was earned, a pension or benefits, would be taken away from you and given to a Bank or other financial institution whether you liked it or not?

What would your reaction be? Shock, horror? But that is exactly what is happening. It seems to be accepted now that to start a new business or to keep a business operational a hefty amount of Bank borrowing is involved.

This comes at a cost. What most people don’t realise is that all these amounts of debt and interest are paid by all of us – the consumers. The consequence of this is that everything we buy comes at a premium. Our cost of living would be a lot less if we weren’t financing the Banks by the back door.

My advice is, don’t be in a rush to borrow money to fund your project. If you are already maxed out on on your credit cards or loans and want to get out of the clutches of debt consider starting your own small business. Maybe try it part time at first to test the water. Then, if you like it, go for it as a full time business.

The ‘Show Me Financial Freedom – The Key to Success’ is a series of inexpensive Ebooklets available from Amazon which offer helpful suggestions on starting up small businesses with little or no outlay.

The first two are already available from Amazon. These are ‘Easy Ways to Make Money From Car Boot Sales and Markets’ and ‘Twelve Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Camera’ both by Lesley Cooper.

Please send all comments and questions to freedom@percydale.com to ensure that you receive a quick reply.

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Yesterday it was all about looking on the bright side of being jobless. Today we’ll look at some of the obstacles you’ll face right at the start. Forewarned is forearmed.

The first and largest obstacle is your own state of mind. Which do you feel?

Despair? A sense of inferiority – that you are somehow lacking in something but you don’t’ know what?

Humiliation? Shame? The feeling that you will be looked down on by your family, friends and aquaintances? Uselessness? Anger?

The list of negative feelings is long and the more you dwell on them the longer it gets.

O.K. Take a couple of days to wallow a bit and get it out of your system then take yourself in hand and get started. You are now your own boss. You are your business. Are you going to accept failure?

Unfortunately a lot of people never get past the first step, hide in the comforting shade of Social Security and become too terrified to step out of it. The longer you rely on that prop the more difficult it is to step out of it and the more terrifying the outside world appears. The obstacles seem bigger the longer you look at them and you become smaller and more insignificant in your own eyes. So the sooner you get a grip and take the first step to independence the better.

More obstacles to look out for tomorrow. But don’t worry – the solutions are on the way.

In the meantime why not consider some suggestions for business start-ups in ‘Easy Ways to Make Money from Car Boot Sales and Markets’ and ‘Twelve Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Camera’ both by Lesley Cooper.   These short Ebooks are really inexpensive and are available to download from Amazon. They are part of the ‘Show Me Financial Freedom – The Key to Success’ series of short Ebooks which are designed to help readers find their own niches with suggestions for their development. More books are in preparation at the moment.

Please send all comments and questions to freedom@percydale.com to ensure that you receive a quick reply.

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Redundant?  Unemployed? Could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

If you’re in that position at the moment it probably doesn’t feel like it. But think about it. When you had a job, even if you didn’t particularly like it, you felt a degree of security. You just had to trundle on and at the end of the week or the month you would be paid.

You didn’t have to think about how to fill in the time, there were set patterns for what you had to do. Even in a position where you needed to use      you were still operating under the umbrella of the organisation. Now, suddenly, you have time to do —— what?

The answer is that you now have the time and opportunity to take risks and start taking complete responsibility for your life.

If you hadn’t been forced into this position would you have dared take the risk of giving up everything that felt safe and secure and start your own business?

It isn’t all that difficult once you get started although it does require hard work and commitment particularly in the early stages. The up-side is that the income is all yours. No-one can sack you. You can stay as a comfortable small business or develop and expand.

You decide on your priorities. You enjoy the fruits of your labour. You are your own boss.

Read more tomorrow.

Please send all comments and questions to freedom@percydale.com to ensure that you receive a quick reply.

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Seems like everyone is only a step away from becoming a millionaire!

Fantastically successful marketers send out their promotions. It usually runs like –‘Ten years ago I owed thousands to the Bank, I couldn’t pay the mortgage so I lost my house, I had to make do with an old unreliable car and my wife left me.

Now I have a Swiss Bank account, a villa in Spain and I spend six months of the year in Bermuda. I drive a Ferrari when I’m not using the Porsche and I also have my own private plane.’

Of course we’re very happy for them. We’d love to believe the next bit.

‘I can show you how you can enjoy the same lifestyle. This time next year you could be buying your own million dollar home FOR CASH! If you buy my Business Opportunity for £99. ‘

They even offer you a guarantee that if you don’t think the package is any good you can send it back and get a complete refund.

It must be good, you tell yourself, or they wouldn’t offer the guarantee.

The people who make these claims are not lying. Their claims are true. They did get all the success they claim. And anyone could have the same success.


Let’s look at the facts.

Marks and Spencers, Woolworths, Tescos, to mention just three large organisations, all started small as market stalls, cut price shops, etc. selling food products clothing or low cost items of all sorts. They all created millionaires.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone starting that way will be as successful! Anyone might – with hard work, good business brains, and an element of being in the right place at the right time – end up as a business tycoon with a large empire. Most people won’t.

Having said that, most entrepreneurs could get themselves a very respectable income.

When they promote the dream world of pie in the sky they show you where you hope to be but they don’t say very much about what you need to get there and just how difficult it was at the beginning. They aren’t trying to fool you. When you’re successful it’s easy to forget just how hard it was at the start.

So you’ll get suggestions for the promotional material and all the information about marketing that you need –


They don’t tell you how to get the number of customers you will need to sell to.

Only they don’t call them customers, they call them lists.

For example. If you have a gift shop and only a few people come in to look round you might not sell anything. If lots of people come in you will probably make quite a good living.

If you have a shop selling an essential such as food more visitors to your shop will buy from you. But you still need a lot of customers to make a lot of money.

If all this sounds like being a bath full of cold water being tipped on your hopes, fear not.!

The next instalment will start you off on the first rung of the ladder.

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It seems a long time now since anyone had a job for life. First of all there were job opportunities that tempted us away from the mundane and secure. Technology was going to save the world. Older entrepreneurs will remember the early 60s when there were actually programmes on TV which suggested ways we could amuse ourselves in our leisure time. The near future would involve a working week of four days at the most. The cost of living would be right down as electricity would be free, food inexpensive and our only worry would be what to do with our free time.

I’m not imagining it. I was there struggling with not much of a weekly income and two young children. I could hardly wait for the glorious future. Then it arrived and it turned out to be a great and expensive disaster.

Nuclear power wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Electricity got dearer. So did food.

Everything continues to go downhill on the jobs front. Full employment is a distant dream and people are wising up to the fact that keeping young people in full time education for longer and longer periods is a fancy device to keep down the unemployment figures. Now they can’t go any further with that idea. These highly educated university leavers are facing a jobless future burdened by debt.

So what’s the answer?

1.      Now that all public and private enterprises are having to make drastic cuts in their spending the only way you can be sure that you won’t be ‘let go’ (which is a polite way of saying ‘sacked’) is to become your own boss.

2.    When the country is in an economic downturn anyone wanting to establish a new business has to make sure that every penny that he or she can lay hands on counts. The new entrepreneur will maximise every opportunity. The result is that the business will have a far more stable foundation than those that were started hopefully and inefficiently by people who didn’t really understand business principles. In the past they borrowed money when they wanted to expand. The Banks were almost falling over themselves to lend you money. Building Societies were only too happy to increase mortgages along far too optimistic lines. Like a pack of cards business after business tumbled into insolvency when the good times came to an end. Businesses begun during a downturn are far more stable when Bank loans are rarer than hens’ teeth. The only way for a business started in a downturn to go is up.

3.     In the current economic conditions the new entrepreneur must start small. Each upward step can only be taken when it is financially wise to take it. Even a small, possibly only a one person business, can develop rapidly into a large and very successful concern when the economy improves. Weak businesses have gone to the wall. Businesses which have managed to survive have been struggling to keep up with the overheads the needed to keep going. Like recovering invalids, they are still weak and struggling but at least they are still there. If they have kept going during the down times they will flourish as things improve.

4.     Your business idea needn’t be earth shattering, brilliant or unique. All you need as to provide a service or information that people need and want. With imagination the most unlikely start can be built into a successful business. Was it Marks and Spencer that originated in a market stall? Tesco was a small shop. Steam engines started as an idea in someone’s kitchen. Cleaning companies, catering chains, delivery and courier services all started from an idea the someone thought of and developed.

5.     In times of national and global near recession Governments can’t give you much financially but they are desperate to give small businesses every opportunity to grow. They know that the private sector in the shape of new businesses are their only chance of recovery. They may need chivvying at times to persuade them to get rid of unnecessary red tape which sometimes takes effort. But don’t give up. You can do it.

Email your name and address to freedom@percydale.com to find out how Prospecting For Gold can help you along the path to success.

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If I hear one more whinge on TV I shall be very tempted to put it out to be recycled.

We, as a nation, have got so soft and mollycoddled that as soon as anything goes wrong we start to whinge and whine and demand that the Government ‘Do something about it’.

It’s about time people got real. There is a global economic downturn which is teetering into a recession at any moment so we all have to economise. So far everyone is agreed that there have to be drastic cuts – as long as they are made by someone else. Everyone thinks that their particular interest is too important and should be the exception that doesn’t suffer any cut backs.

No-one and nothing should be exempt. If we can’t afford it we can’t have it. It’s the only way we can get back on a sound economic footing and able to spend a bit more.

But what do you expect from a society that expects its young to stay in education for at least a third of its pre-pension life.
The young are full of energy and joie de vivre and should be out in the real world getting to grips with life. As it is the only excitement some of them can generate is through vandalism, gangs and bullying. If they were earning a living they wouldn’t have time for all that.
What’s all this got to do with being your own boss?

Until we expect our young and ourselves to take responsibility for our own lives we will only be living a half-life. When you are your own boss you have responsibility but the triumph and excitement you feel when you’ve cracked a problem and won through is exquisite.

So if times are tight get out there and start your own business and encourage your children to do the same instead of aiming at being wage slaves – no matter how well off that may make them.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do but everyone has some skill, knowledge or service that other people will pay for.

In the next few weeks I’m going to develop some ideas that should spur you to some sort of action.

They’re not get rich quick ideas but they can all be developed to any extent you want. Stay as a one person small business or go multinational. The choice is yours.